SEE equipment can process a broad range of materials ready for recycling or disposal, including biomass, construction and demolition, tyres, wood, metal, glass, paper, concrete, plastic, agricultural, mattresses, products, e-waste, and general waste.

Biomass Processing

Processing and recycling of biomass including green waste, felled trees, root stems and disaster cleanup.

Construction and Demolition Processing

Processing of construction and industry (C&D) waste including concrete, bricks and ceramics.

Tyre Recycling

Recycling of old tyres including automotive, transport and commercial tyres.

Timber Recycling

Processing and recycling of timber waste including waste wood, demolition wood, railway sleeper, pallets and cable drums.

Metal Recycling

Recycling of metal waste including aluminium profiles and bales, waste metals, building reinforcement and electrical cables.

Glass Recycling

Recycling of post-consumer glass including used containers, bottles and products.

Paper Recycling

Recycling of In-house paper production waste and post-consumer waste including used paper, paper rolls and cardboard.

Concrete Recycling

Processing and recycling of concrete including from construction and demolition projects.

Plastic Recycling

Recycling of in-house plastics production waste and post-consumer plastics including used containers, bottles and products.

Agricultural Waste Processing

Processing of waste from agricultural processes including silage and cotton wrap, strawberry film, grain bags and bunker tarps.

Mattress Processing

Processing and sorting of used mattresses for recycling and up to 80% volume reduction in landfill.

Product Destruction

Destruction of out-of-date or faulty products including alcohol, soft drinks, bottled drinks, packaged food, furniture and toys.

E-waste Processing

Processing and recycling of electrical waste including computers, TVs, flat screen panels, desktop printers and microwaves.

Waste Processing

Processing of non-recyclable domestic waste to reduce landfill volume by up to 80%.