Lindner Urraco 4000

Two-shaft shredder for most materials

The Urraco 4000 series, Lindner’s new mobile twin-shaft slow-speed shredder generation, leaves nothing to be desired in terms of mobility and the excellent accessibility to the maintenance points and the drive. The result: shorter downtimes, improved productivity and consistently high output. The proven twin-shaft system in combination with the best intake performance shreds even bulky and high-volume materials smoothly, while the extended working area enables easy feeding by a wheel loader.

In addition to the many different mobility options, the Urraco 4000 series models are available with either diesel or electric drive. The electric model Urraco 4000 EK also offers an independent power unit for the tracking system, which ensures increased mobility and, therefore, a quick and uncomplicated transfer to the location where it is needed.


The Urraco 4000's slow-speed twin-shaft cutting system offers aggressive intake and consequently ensures highly efficient shredding processes. Depending on the shaft selected, even the most difficult materials such as railway sleepers and light scrap metal can be processed safely and effectively.

  • INCREDIBLY PRODUCTIVE thanks to aggressive intake and the extra long shafts.
  • ADAPTS PERFECTLY TO THE MATERIAL thanks to shaft pairs available in different designs.
  • MAXIMUM RESISTANCE with our welded crushers, rippers, scrapers and breaker bars.


Smart hopper tilting up to 80° on both sides for optimised and even material feeding. The machine can be operated simply from the wheel loader using the optional remote control.


The Urraco is powered by an environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art diesel engine from Scania with the lowest emission standards (EU Stage V / US Tier 4f / EUStage IIIA). The 3-circuit cooling system working in unison with the engine and hydraulics ensures perfect air supply and cooling.

  • EFFICIENT SHREDDING with our 340 kW diesel engine.
  • PARTICULARLY LONG SERVICE LIFE ensured by an ideal interaction between the engine and the hydraulics.
  • COMPLIES WITH ALL EXHAUST GAS REGULATIONS thanks to our state-of-the-art SCR system.


The electrive drive of the Urraco E and Urraco EK models meets the industries demands for energy efficient and powerful shredding options. The Urraco EK model with tracked chassis additionaly offers an independent power unit for a flexible and wireless transfer to the location where it is needed.

  • ENERGY EFFICIENT SHREDDING with our 240 kW electric engine.
  • URRACO 4000 E available with base frame and optional heavy duty axle.
  • URRACO 4000 EK E-model with tracked chassis and independent power unit.


Sophisticated control technology with touchscreen display and remote control for safe operation, handling and control of the entire machine.

  • SIMPLE OPERATION AND PARAMETERSETTING thanks to the intuitive touchscreen user interface.
  • EASY MANOEUVRING OF THE SHREDDER using the joystick remote control.
  • CONVENIENT SHREDDER OPERATION FROM THE WHEEL LOADER with our customisable remote control.


The hydrostatic drive sports self-regulating hydraulics with a maximum torque of up to 480,000 Nm, crushing material powerfully with its shafts.

  • HIGH OUTPUT thanks to the self-regulating hydrostatic double drive.
  • SAFE OPERATION ensured by the instant detection of non-shreddables.
  • EFFECTIVE SHREDDING with a torque of up to 480,000 Nm and robust planetary gears.

Waste Types


Domestic waste, organic waste, FOGO, plastics, PVC.


Green waste, rootstock, log wood, palms, animal manure, silo bales, grass cuttings.

Wood waste

Wood Waste
Demolition wood, pallets, chipboard, cable drums, railway sleepers.

Commercial Waste
Bulky waste, C&D waste, paper rolls, tar boards, mixed construction waste.

Metal and Scrap
Electric and electronic scrap, aluminium scrap and aluminium housings.

Passenger car, truck, and tractor tyres.

4000 Technical Data

Electric model Urraco 4000 EK
Electric drive power 250kW
Mobility Tracked chassis + independent power unit
Shaft length 2x 2000mm
Weight 28–31T*
Dimensions (LxWxH) 8000mm x 2550mm x 3200mm
Discharge height, conveyor 30° 3700mm/4500mm**
Diesel models Urraco 4000 DK Urraco 4000 DS
Diesel drive power 340kW 340kW
Exhaust gas standard EU Stage V / US Tier 4f / EU Stage IIIA EU Stage V / US Tier 4f / EU Stage IIIA
Mobility Tracked chassis Semi-trailer
Shaft length 2 x 2000mm 2 x 2000mm
Weight 28–31T* 28–31T*
Dimensions (LxWxH) 8000mm x 2550mm x 3200mm 8000mm x 2550mm x 3700mm
Discharge height, conveyor 30° 3700mm/4500mm** 3700mm/4500mm**
*depending on machine configuration  **optional
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