Ideal for Australian councils and private operators, the equipment is suitable for use at waste facilities, recycling facilities, waste to energy projects, cyclone and disaster clean-up and recovery, plus construction and infrastructure sites. SMART supplies and maintains a wide variety of specialised processing and sorting equipment (purchase and hire), and most of the machines are able to be located on-site at construction and infrastructure sites, at waste management and recycling facilities, and on-location at disaster recovery sites.

Shredding Technology

Waste management and recycling facilities

SMART Environmental Equipment specialises in machinery to cleanly and efficiently shred, sort, reduce the volume of, and recycle a wide range of common commercial and household waste types. SMART's processing and recycling machines allow councils and private contractors to manage waste at a range of facilities—reducing the volume of waste by up to 80% while extracting and sorting partuclar material types ready for recycling. SMART's machinery can also process FOGO (food organics garden organics) to remove packaging and prepare materials for conversion into nutrient-rich compost.

Construction, demolition, and infrastructure sites

SMART's waste processing and recycling machinery can be located on-site or nearby to construction, demolition and infrastructure sites—reducing the amount of time and cost to transport and process waste from these sites. Machines can sort and seperate metal from building materials, while reducing the volume of waste by up to 80%. The time and volume savings of transporting waste away from the construction sites works toward improving the bottom line of governments and private contractors working on the projects.

Shredding Technology
Shredding Technology

Waste to energy

As industry, council and government work towards creating a clean energy future, the utilisation of waste as a resource has enormous potential to generate sustainable renewable energy while significantly reducing carbon emissions. By shredding, screening and sorting waste into specific fuel types, materials such as agricultural waste, biomass, wood waste, general household waste, tyres, and certain plastics can be converted into energy.

Cyclone and disaster

SMART has equipment ready for both storm season preparation, and post-disaster waste management and recovery. During the warmer months Australia usually experiences more coastal crossings of cyclones and large tropical lows, plus increased frequency and severity of storms, floods, and fires. The processing and recycling machinery are transportable and manoeuvrable, meaning they can be deployed on-site before or after a disaster occurs—speeding up recovery while reducing waste transport costs.

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Shredding Technology