Smart solutions to reduce waste volume and extract materials for recycling

SMART Environmental Equipment’s vision is to create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

SMART Environmental Equipment (SEE) specialises in machinery to cleanly and efficiently shred, sort and reduce volume of common construction, commercial and household waste. These machines allow councils and private contractors to manage waste in the following ways:

  • Shredding glass, paper, cardboard, rubber and metals ready for recycling
  • Separating and sorting metal from building materials, used timber, electrical cables, and more
  • Reducing the volume of non-recyclable materials by up to 80%, increasing efficiency while reducing cost in waste transport and landfill management
  • Assisting with post-disaster cleanup management, including from cyclones, storms, floods and bushfires

SEE has a range of solutions from lightweight on-premise units up to giant industrial scale shredders and sorters to effectively process construction and infrastructure waste. Applications and materials include:

  • Timber: waste wood, demolition wood, root stems, green waste, railway sleeper, pallets, cable drums
  • Waste: construction and industry waste including concrete, bricks and ceramics
  • Metal: aluminium profiles and bales, waste metals, building reinforcement, electrical cables
  • Glass: old windows, automotive glass, bottles and jars
  • Paper: waste paper, paper rolls, cardboard

SEE can supply and maintain a wide variety of specialised processing equipment (purchase and hire), and most of the machines are able to be located on-site at construction and infrastructure sites, or at waste management and transfer facilities.

Processing Equipment

SEE has a wide range of brand new equipment available for the waste processing and recycling industry. These include shredders, screens, material handlers and processing plants.

Waste Types

SEE equipment can process a broad range of materials ready for recycling or disposal, including biomass, construction and demolition, tyres, wood, metal, glass, paper, concrete, plastic, agricultural, mattresses, products, e-waste, and general waste.

Parts & Service

With over twenty years industry experience, SEE can provide expert assistance with machinery parts and service. We look after brands including Lindner, EcoStar, EcoHog and Terex Fuchs.