Smart solutions to reduce waste volume and extract materials for recycling

SMART Environmental Equipment’s vision is to create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

BUSINESS Smart Environmental Equipment (SEE) helps local governments, schools, businesses and sporting facilities to use innovative, cost-effective, profitable and sustainable methods to reduce waste volume by up to 80% and to recycle waste materials.

We recommend tailored waste management solutions for clients large and small, offer new equipment and machinery for purchase, lease or hire from OEM companies and manage parts and servicing as required. This enables our clients to recover, reuse, recycle and remanufacture waste material including tyres, scrap metal, green waste, electronic waste, landfill and waste materials from construction, demolition and markets. Our equipment is ideally suited for on-site use at refuse transfer stations, resource recovery centres and material recovery facilities.

SEE clients SEE for themselves how innovative waste management improves their efficiency, productivity and profitability.

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