SEE has a wide range of brand new equipment available for the waste processing and recycling industry. These include shredders, screens, material handlers and processing plants.


Shredding Technology

SEE provides equipment capable of processing construction and demolition waste, mixed waste, timber, green waste, scrap metal, and even concrete. Many of the machines are also capable of separating valuable metals from various mixed waste for recycling. The range includes stationary units, mobile crawler units, as well as complete processing plants.


Screening Technology

Screen equipment from SEE is capable of processing and sorting most types of waste, including extracting certain elements ready for recycling. Materials able to be screened include construction and demolition waste, general landfill waste, tyres, organic waste for biogas, metals, compost and biomass, paper and cardboard, plastics and PET bottles, and more. Machines are available as stationary electric, semi-mobile electric or diesel, and mobile diesel crawler units.


Materials Handling

Available in fixed electric and mobile diesel versions—including crawler track models—SEE’s range of material handlers highly flexible and efficient. Suitable for loading and unloading tasks in the waste and scrap recycling industries, the range is also customisable and configurable for specific applications and requirements. The machines are ideal for use at recycling plants, scrapyards, timber yards, mines and shipping ports.


Machine Attachments

SEE can supply and service various machine attachments for the demolition and waste management industries.

Maintenance Equipment

See offers a range of maintenance products that help reduce your equipment’s fuel and power consumption, reduce the frequency of replacing parts, and increase the life of your equipment..