SEE can supply and service various machine attachments for the demolition and waste management industries.

Blue Line

Hydraulic Breakers

The best steel quality is the basis, then comes the high manufacturing accuracy with the main components made in Europe. Finally the complete product is assembled and tested in Blue Line’s European facilities. Quality means reliability and durability: Blue Line breakers deliver long hours of rock breaking while giving you peace of mind.

Blue Line hits hard while using a technology that ensures maximum efficiency:

  • Perfect mastering of machining tolerances that increase the breaker’s efficiency
  • The patented main valve controls the piston movement in oder to increase the striking power
  • The energy recovery system increases the striking power using the energy generated by the piston rebound—allowing for an automatic increase of the breaker’s frequency when used on hard materials (no need for manual adjustments)

Blue Line breakers break up all kinds of rocks—even the hardest ones—with maximum power and speed. It does this while protecting the excavator, with no risks for the hydraulic circuit or the main structure:

  • The pressure peaks are reduced by the patented design, this prevents damage to the pumps and welding cracks due to transmitted stress waves
  • The suspension system (in the housing version) extends the excavator boom life by absorbing harmful vibrations